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Meet Brandy and Moose!

Meet Brandy and Moose!

Brandy is a shy rescue dog, originally found on the streets of Georgia. She was rescued by the North Shore Animal League in New York and joined our family shortly after. After doing a DNA, it was determined she is German Shepherd, Akita, Chow and Rottweiler. Moose is a Bernese Mountain Dog who was raised on a farm in Maine. He joined the family several years later and is the token goofball younger brother. Together, Brandy and Moose are the best of friends. They live in Boston, Massachusetts and love to go on adventures throughout the entire New England area. Their favorite activities include going on the boat in Cape Cod in the summer and going for hikes in the fall.

Brandy and Moose are currently eating the Raw Coated Kibble Whitefish recipe. We put a scoop of SuperBlends Meal Mixers on for extra nutrients. For snacks, they love the Freeze Dried Beef Patties and the new Raw Coated Biscuits. Yum!

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