Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we are all about celebrating the most important relationship in your life… you and your pet’s! Here’s our list of 10 ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day with your dog or cat.

Get a Custom Valentine for Your Dog or Cat

Post a photo of your pet on Instagram using #LoveFromStella and follow @stellaandchewys for a chance to receive your own custom valentine!

Give Your Dog or Cat a Valentine’s Day Gift

Show you care this Valentine’s Day by giving your special furry someone a gift they’ll love! Whether it’s a tasty treat like Raw Coated Biscuits, a toy, or a new bed, your pet will feel extra loved and spoiled!

Matching Dog or Cat Valentine’s Day Outfits

Twinning with your pet is the best! Wearing matching outfits or accessories is a fun yet simple (and very photo-worthy) way to celebrate your unique bond.

Host a Video Date with Fellow Pet-Loving Friends

This Valentine’s Day, turn your cameras on and have a fun night hanging out (virtually) with your friends and their dogs or cats!

two chocolate labs video chatting with dog friend

Plan a Special Valentine’s Meal for Your Cat or Dog

Did you know that dogs like eating at the same time as their pet parent? It’s true! Dogs are incredibly social animals and it can even help picky eaters to enjoy their meal more if the whole “pack” is eating together. This can be true for some cats as well! Plan to sit down to eat a meal at the same time as your pet. We guarantee they’ll be your favorite new dinner date!

Have a Valentine’s-Themed Movie Night with Your Cat or Dog

Grab some pillows, blankets, and all snacks and prepare for a movie night! Your pet won’t complain if you choose to watch your favorite rom-com for the 17th time.

Make Heart-Shaped Valentine’s Day Treats for You & Your Cat or Dog

Love will be in the air with heart-shaped food and treats! Bake cookies or brownies for yourself and use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut out pieces. For your dog, use a heart-shaped cookie cutter on our Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Patties. You can also use ice cube or plastic mold trays to form heart-shaped treats out of wet food or pet-safe bone broth!


Create Valentine’s Day-Themed Artwork with Your Dog or Cat

Use clay to make a paw print impression or use paint and have your pet walk across a blank canvas. Whatever you decide to create, make sure to use pet-safe materials and have a place ready to display your masterpiece!

Plan a Valentine’s Day Spa(w) Day for You & Your Dog or Cat

Pamper yourself and your pet by taking the day to relax! For yourself (with your pet by your side, of course), take a bubble bath, wear a face mask, or do your nails. If your pet doesn’t mind, you can brush them or do a gentle massage. Whatever you choose, focus on relaxing in the moment with your best furry friend.

Make a Memory this Valentine’s Day with Your Dog or Cat That Will Last a Lifetime

Anything can be made into an adventure that you’ll always remember. Whether it’s in sun or snow, on a hike outdoors or in a blanket fort inside, do something special and strengthen the bond and love between you and your pet.