Planning Ahead

You know your pet the best, so be sure to keep their behavior and needs in mind when deciding on whether or not you want to bring them along for your holiday travels. If your pet gets overly stressed when traveling or your schedule is jam packed with activities that your pet can’t tag along for, then think about housing them with a trusted pet sitter while you’re away. But, on the other hand, if your pet enjoys traveling as much as you do, make sure that wherever you’re going knows you’re bringing your buddy. Lots of hotels allow pets, so don’t be afraid to let them know ahead of time, and always be sure to be ready for things to switch up.

Keep Your Pet Safe

Traveling with your pet can sometimes be dangerous, so one of the first things you need to do, whether you’re flying across the ocean, driving to another state, taking a train through the mountains, or riding on a boat, is make sure that your pet is comfortable and safe, both emotionally and physically. If you have a nervous travel buddy, check with your vet about ways to help them relax. For planes and trains, look into snagging a collapsible crate. For cars, check out some in-car harnesses that buckle in. It also never hurts to bring some extra toys and Wild Weenies along…yum! 

Two Chocolate labs with suitcase

Packing for Your Pet to Travel

If your furry friend is joining you for your holiday travels, remember to pack for them the same way that you’d pack for yourself. In addition to packing the basics, like their food, toys, and medication, keep in mind that you should also pack their medical records in case of an emergency, identification information if your pet gets lost, first aid supplies if you’ll be on the go, and their health certificate if you intend on crossing state lines or international borders. It also doesn’t hurt to have some of your pet’s favorite treats on hand! Our Carnivore Crunch freeze-dried treats are convenient for on-the-go travels and will help reinforce good behavior while your pet is by your side. Not only does being overly prepared ensure that your pet has everything they need for when you arrive at your destination, but it also helps to keep their stress levels low in anticipation of traveling.

Be Considerate of Others

Despite there being many pet parents and pet lovers around the world, there are also a lot of people who don’t feel comfortable being near pets. Taking this into consideration, remember to be respectful to those around you and your pet by restraining your pet when necessary, rewarding your pet’s good behavior, and asking before assuming.

Keep Stress Levels Low and Spirits High

Just like people, pets also experience a heightened level of stress when they’re away from their routine, meeting new people, and staying in a different place. With that being said, pay close attention to them while traveling and cater to their needs when possible. Some ideas for comforting your pet include: wrapping them in a blanket to snuggle, playing extra rounds of fetch outside, taking them for nice, long walks, or giving them a few more treats than normal. Being mindful of your pet’s stress level will make traveling easier for you and it might also help others that will be around your pet.

Safe Travels from Stella & Chewy’s

Traveling with your pet, and in general, can be stressful. But, if you remember the reason for the season and keep the love flowing, it will make your trip 10 times better. Give your pet as much love as possible and keep their routine consistent. Having their usual, day-to-day activities in place will keep those tails wagging. And don’t forget, the best holiday gift for your pet is always a good ole belly scratch followed by a delicious, raw-inspired meal. Everyone at Stella & Chewy’s wishes you and your pet safe travels this holiday season. For more informative content for both you and your pet, be sure to check out Our Blog: For the Pet Obsessed.