Know Before You Go [Outside]

If you’re feeling ambitious and want to tackle the winter season, take into account the important considerations listed below before you go.

Keeping these items in mind as you venture out will help to keep the winter activities with your dog fun and exciting! Now, with that being said, let’s get into the activities themselves.

Dog with treats in snow

Put Their Snout to the Test

Practicing nose work with your dog provides physical and mental stimulation as it challenges your pup to use their sniffer to locate a certain scent. When done in winter conditions, this activity is especially difficult, yet rewarding, because the wind and snow can impact a scent’s flow. When it comes time to giving your dog treats for finding scents, we recommend our Crav’n Bac’n Bites as they’re soft, chewy, and only contain 3 calories per treat, so you and your dog can practice nose work all day long!

Play Fetch with Snowballs

Most dogs enjoy playing fetch outside with a tennis ball, so this fun spin on a classic game will teach your dog to love playing fetch outside with a snowball too! Form your snowballs with soft snow and don’t pack them too hard so that your dog doesn’t get hurt if they try to jump and catch the snowballs as you throw them. This winter activity with your dog is sure to bring a smile to your face and those nostalgic memories back to mind.

Give Skijoring or Sledding a Go

If your dog enjoys running and you love to ski, then skijoring could be your new favorite winter activity to do with your dog. All you need is yourself, your dog, and a pair of skis to enjoy this thrill. Once you and your pup are prepared, you’ll want to place your dog on a long line in front of you that is connected to their harness so that they can pull you on the skis. It might take some time to get used to, but pulling you is actually something that will come naturally to many dogs.

Keep Things Indoors

If venturing out into the cold weather doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, then consider some of the following indoor, winter activities for dogs.

Bake With Your Buddy

The winter season and baking go hand in hand, so why not give it a try with your dog? With some preparation and the right ingredients, you and your pup can bake tasty treats that are safe for them to eat. And, for some culinary inspiration, check out these easy, homemade dog treat and biscuit recipes to try if you take advantage of this winter activity with your dog.

Bring Out Your Pup’s Creative Side

Is your dog more of an artist than a baker? If so, get creative with some pup-safe, washable paints! Before you begin any projects, you’ll want to lay down a tarp to protect the surface. Next, place a posterboard, canvas, or piece of paper on the tarp and dip your dog’s paws in the paint and press them down firmly on your medium of choice. And, just like that, you’ll have beautiful artwork of your pup’s adorable paws that will last a lifetime.

Nothing Beats a Good Movie

If all else fails or you’re really feeling like having a lazy day, then cozy up with your pup and watch your favorite movie. From the Air Bud series to Beverly Hills Chihuahua or Marley & Me, there are a variety of canine classics that you and your dog can enjoy.

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