golden retriever outside on a hot day

What temperature is too hot to walk your dog?

Generally, at temperatures above 89° Fahrenheit, most dogs are at risk of heatstroke and you should avoid exercising your dog in that heat. For many dogs, outdoor activity at temperatures above 82°F can be dangerous.

Check the pavement

Asphalt, concrete and/or sand on a sunny day can potentially be 40°-60° hotter than the air temperature, and 125°F pavement can damage your pup’s paws in as little as 60 seconds. 

A quick way to check if the pavement is too hot is to place your hand on a sunny part of the pavement. If you can’t comfortably keep your hand there for 10 seconds, the pavement is too hot for your dog.

Consider more than just the temperature

Humidity, wind, sun, and shade can affect your dog’s ability to handle the heat. Take these factors into account when deciding whether or not to venture out.

Know how heat affects your dog

Older dogs, puppies, and overweight dogs overheat more easily. Breeds with short snouts, like bulldogs, shih tzus, and pugs, are more prone to heatstroke in hot weather. Also, be aware of your pup’s coat, as double-coated breeds (like Golden Retrievers) may overheat quicker than short-haired dogs (like Labrador Retrievers).

corgis outside in the sun

Signs of heatstroke in dogs

Heat-related illnesses, like heatstroke, are almost always preventable. When the hot weather hits, it’s important to keep your dog cool. If your dog is outside on a hot day, be aware of some of signs of overheating:

If your dog exhibits any of these symptoms, call or take your dog to the vet as soon as you can and begin to slowly cool your dog down to avoid shock. Heatstroke is an emergency.

How to safely walk your dog on hot days

If you want to get in your daily walk with your dog, but the forecast calls for a hot day, consider some of these ways to protect your dog from the heat:

Walk early… or late

Avoid going for a walk when the day is at its hottest and opt for early morning or evening walks.

Plan and time your route

Take a shorter walk along a shady path or street to keep cool. To prevent paw damage, walk your dog on grass instead of hot pavement.

Dress appropriately

Dog boots and cooling vests can help keep your pup safe and cool in hot weather.

Take water with you

Bring a collapsible bowl and a water bottle along on your walk. If your pup is not a big fan of water, you can encourage them to stay hydrated by adding a splash of tasty bone broth.

Walk Alternative Activities

Does your dog like to swim? Swimming is a great summer exercise for dogs! Or, consider playing a game, like tug-of-war, inside the house and stay cool.

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