Should you take your dog?

Not every dog is a good fit for spending time in an office. New places, people, and pets can all be very stressful, so some pups may be too anxious or overstimulated to thrive in an office. Ask yourself this list of questions to gauge if your dog would be comfortable when you take your dog to work:

Preparing Your Pup

Before you take your dog to work, stop by after hours or on a weekend to show your pup around the place! Provide lots of treats, like these Just Jerky Bites, to create a positive association with the office space. Take it slow as you introduce your pup to new spaces, and allow them to explore to become familiar with the new sights and smells. If your pup will be interacting with other dogs in the workplace, introduce them to each new dog in a neutral space, like on a walk together.

Create a Cozy Corner

Make your office or cubicle into the ultimate pet space when you take your dog to work! Your pup will be spending a lot of time in your space as you work, so make sure they have cozy nap spots and toys to keep them busy. Bring a bed and a blanket from your home so that the scents are familiar and comforting. Also, bring some toys or activities for your pup to play with while you are in meetings, try to avoid squeaker toys. If your workspace does not have a door, a gate with a door works perfectly for keeping your pup close by and safe.

For easy accident clean-up, be sure to bring paper towels and an enzymatic pet stain cleaner in addition to frequent potty breaks to avoid accidents. If you are bringing a new puppy, consider adding puppy pads to your workspace as well!

Establishing a Routine

Once your dog is familiar with the office spaces and coworkers (both pets and people) you are now ready to take your dog to work! If possible, take your dog for a walk before work so that they don’t start the work day with too much extra energy. Be sure to always keep your dog on a leash and abide by your workplace’s pet guidelines. As your pup is adjusting to their new 9-to-5 life, provide distracting activities like frozen Kongs/Toppls to keep them busy and quiet. This will also help them practice being calm and relaxed during the workday.

Bringing your dog along with you to work each day is a wonderful privilege for both you and your dog. Enjoy having your cozy coworker by your side and reward them for their hard work!

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