House training your puppy or dog can seem daunting but, with the proper steps, you can potty train your pup in no time! Amber Aquart (@amberaquart), Certified Animal Trainer & Pet Lifestyle Expert, shares her top 5 tips to potty training!


Tip 1: Set a schedule for your puppy

Plan out when they eat, take naps, play, and go out to potty! Taking your puppy out on a consistent schedule will help you know when they need to go potty and make it easier to house train them. (As a general rule, take your puppy out about every 2 hours, but every 30 minutes when they are awake and playing.)

Tip 2: Don’t allow your puppy to have freedom until after they have gone potty

Once they have done their business outside, that’s when you can allow them to play in the house and get a little bit more freedom. If they have not gone potty, put them back in their crate for 5-10 minutes and try again! 

Tip 3: Reward your puppy every time that they go potty outside

Make sure going potty outside is a fun thing for your puppy! Encourage them with praise and their favorite treats every time they go in the proper spot.

Tip 4: When taking your puppy outside to train them to go potty, don’t walk them

Plant your feet and remain stationary. Keep them on a leash and take them to the same spot every time. Teach them that potty time and play time outside are separate. 

Tip 5: Never scold your puppy or use any sort of punishment for accidents inside the house

If your puppy has an accident, try to interrupt them in a way that won’t scare them, such as saying “puppy puppy!” and then run them outside as quickly as you can. Make sure to always praise them for going outside. 

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About The Author

Amber Oliver Aquart is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Studio Animal Trainer, Pet Lifestyle Expert, and Influencer. Amber and her two talented rescue mutts, Tuckey and Oakley, have been featured on Animal Planet and in several films and productions. Amber created Pawsitive Development to help educate and inspire others to develop a better relationship with their dogs through positive relationship-based tips and techniques.