What to Mix with Dry Dog Food: 6 Ways to Boost Your Bowl

Whether you have a picky eater, want to add variety to your dog’s diet, or just want to know what can be mixed with dry dog food, there are many ways to boost your bowl!

Meal Mixers

What can be mixed with dry dog food to take your furry friend’s kibble to the next level? Our Meal Mixers are a great place to start!

One simple scoop is all it takes to turn your dog’s everyday kibble into awesome raw nutrition! These perfectly sized, freeze-dried raw morsels were specifically designed to be added to your dog’s current diet and provide a convenient way to incorporate nutrient-rich raw into the feeding routine. Meal Mixers feature 95% responsibly sourced meat, organs and bone to mirror an ancestral diet, along with certified organic fruits and vegetables, probiotics, and antioxidants. To feed, simply scoop the recommended amount and add to the bowl, making sure to decrease the other food accordingly. Serve as-is or rehydrate the morsels with cool or warm (never hot) water to add more moisture to the diet.

NUMBER OF SCOOPS WHEN MIXED WITH OTHER FOOD* (* Reduce other food portions accordingly to avoid overfeeding.) Dog Size- small dog (up to 20lbs) = 1 quarter cup scoop per day. Dog Size - medium dog (21-40 lbs) = 2 quarter cup scoops per day. Dog Size- Large Dog (Over 40 lbs) = 3+ quarter cup scoops per day.

Stella’s Stew

Just like they were homemade, our stews are kettle cooked in small batches using 100% human-grade ingredients, USDA-inspected muscle meat and certified organic vegetables. Stella’s Stew is not only a great way to make your dog’s food more appealing, but also adds important moisture to the diet. With a list of simple ingredients and single animal protein recipes, there is an option for every pup! Meat is always the #1 ingredient with nutrient-rich bone broth coming in at #2. Add the desired amount to your dog’s bowl while decreasing the existing food accordingly. Once opened, the BPA-free cartons can be stored in the fridge for up to 10 days, so nothing has to go to waste.


One of our favorite things to add to dog food is our all natural bone broth slowly simmered in small batches and brimming with taste and nutrition. We add real cage-free chicken or grass-fed beef for a taste and topper your dog will go wild for. With two convenient formats available at a store near you — it’s easy to add taste and health while you hydrate your dog’s favorite meal! Both are a convenient, pet-safe solution to add moisture and extra nutrients to the diet.

Our Broth Toppers recipes contain just 4 simple ingredients, including turmeric to serve as an anti-inflammatory. Shake well before using and use 1/4 cup of broth per day for every 25lbs. of body weight. Adjust amounts to meet your dog’s individual needs. Refrigerate for up to 10 days after opening.

Our Bountiful Bone Broths are slowly simmered in small batches with real grass-fed beef making it rich in collagen and other valuable nutrients. With a convenient, reclosable pouch – it’s easy to add taste and health while you hydrate your dog’s favorite meal. Shake well and refrigerate after opening.


Our all natural Mix-Ins are human grade and crafted just like homemade! Made from mouth watering muscle meat, this chunky stew is simmered in bone broth and includes super foods such as pumpkin, sweet potato and turmeric. Each flavor is a single animal ingredient offering to give dogs with allergies an option and each protein is responsibly sourced. Perfect as a topper to Raw-Coated Kibble, use ¼ cup per day for every 25 lbs of your dog’s body weight.


This tasty bowl topper is wholesome and nutritious with real shredded muscle meat & diced meat in a slowly simmered broth. Great for picky pups, giving them a boost of extra protein and taste. Shredrs contain only 4-6 simple wholesome ingredients with responsibly sourced proteins and boosted with vitamins and minerals. Available in a topper in a tear-open pouch, refrigerate unused portion.


Looking to entice a picky eater? Sprinkling Magical Dinner Dust easily brings the nutritious benefits of raw to your dog’s bowl. It clings to each piece of kibble, coating it with irresistible flavor. Featuring only the good stuff, Dinner Dust contains 95% meat, organs and bones plus organic fruits and veggies. Simply sprinkle 2 tablespoons of Magical Dinner Dust for every cup of kibble in your dog’s bowl. Adjust according to your dog’s weight, activity level and breed. Keep the pouch in a cool, dry place.

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