Is Chicken Broth Good for Dogs?

And Other Cold Weather Food Ideas for Your Four-Legged Friend

When the weather cools down, there is nothing more comforting for us pet parents than a warm drink or a bowl of hot soup. With Stella & Chewy’s products, your pet can warm up this winter with you!


Some common questions we get from pet parents include, “can dogs have chicken broth?” and “is chicken broth good for dogs?” Chicken broth, specifically bone broth, is packed with benefits to support your dog’s overall well-being and can be very versatile in its use.

Benefits of Bone Broth

How Can Broth Be Used?


Ensuring Broth is Safe for Your Dog

If you’re looking for a convenient and guaranteed pet-safe option, try Stella & Chewy’s Cage-Free Chicken bone broth! Our recipe is 100% human-grade and slowly simmered in small batches. We also use just 4 simple ingredients: chicken bone broth, chicken, tapioca starch, and turmeric (which is a natural anti-inflammatory). Find a store near you and contact your local retailer for product availability.

Wet Food

Nutrient-packed and hearty wet food diet or topper is also great winter food or treat for your dog! Our Stella’s Stews and Marie’s Mix-Ins are 100% human-grade and made in the USA.

Stella’s Stew is kettle cooked in small batches, just like homemade! We use real whole muscle meat and organic fresh-cut vegetables drenched in nutrient-rich bone broth for amazing taste. Feed as a complete and balanced diet, as a topper, or as a tasty treat!

Marie’s Mix-Ins include real whole muscle meat, bone broth, and superfoods pumpkin and sweet potato. Turmeric is also included as a natural anti-inflammatory and to support joint health. Feed as a topper or as a treat!

Heating Diets

Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches that every food has properties and actions in terms of how they affect the balance of the body. The TCM food energy theory divides foods into cooling (Yin), warming (Yang), and neutral, with the idea that hot or cool pets should be fed opposite foods in order to dampen any negative effects on their bodies.

Warming and hot proteins are good for dogs who are “cold.” These dogs may often seek out warm places, burrow beneath blankets, and become lazier or less active in the winter months. They may also have cold ears and nose, stiffness, or joint pain.

Chicken: Chicken is a heating protein! Try Cage-Free Chicken Bone Broth today.