Tails Tell A Lot

A cat’s tail says a lot about their mood. From in the air and relaxed to low and tucked, here’s what a cat’s tail has to say:

Stances Are Signals

The way your cat is standing can also indicate how they’re feeling. Whether they’re showing off an arched back or crouching down low, this is what your cat’s stances mean:

Look At Their Face

Another important part of understanding cat body language is looking at your cat’s face. Do you see forward ears or dilated pupils? Here’s what they, and more, could be telling you:

Hear ‘Em Out

Understanding a cat’s body language also means understanding their vocalizations. In most cases, verbal cues from cats can be just as important as their physical cues. Here is what your cat wants you to hear:

Cat with Carnivore Cravings

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It’s important to keep your cat’s body language in mind each and every day. Not only will understanding their body language help you get to know your cat better, but it will also ensure that you’re better equipped to handle their unique behaviors in specific situations. To learn more about all things cat, check out our variety of cat blogs by visiting Our Blog: For the Pet Obsessed.